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FREE Pregnancy Tests

If you suspect you may be pregnant, you can schedule an appointment for a free pregnancy test to verify you are pregnant.  Our Center has medical grade urine tests that are over 99% accurate after a missed period.  If your pregnancy test is positive, you will have the opportunity to meet with an advocate and explore together the pros and cons of all your options. You will also have the chance to learn about the comprehensive network of community resources available to you.

FREE Ultrasound

It is recommended to get an ultrasound after you’ve taken a pregnancy test that came back positive. Ultrasound can give important information like how many weeks pregnant your are, and when your due date is. Knowing how far along you are will give you an idea of when you got pregnant and when your expected due date is. It will also tell you what abortion procedures may be available to you.

FREE Individual Support

If you are pregnant, you may feel confused and even scared. Options for Women Client advocates are available to speak with you and provide factual and current information regarding all of your pregnancy options. Our trusted and trained client advocates want to provide you with the care you need. And nothing matters more to us than your health and well being.

FREE Moms Support Group

MOCHA MOMS meets at our office every Thursday from 10-11:30am. This is an informal Moms support group. It is low key and relaxed with a non-judgmental atmosphere. Moms helping Moms.  Mocha, java, coffee tea! Have a cup of ours or bring your own. Kids are welcome and stay with Moms during the group. Please contact us to register. COVID guidelines will be practiced.

FREE Nutritional Cooking Class

Every 4th Wednesday we offer a cooking class from 11:15am - 1:15pm. Come join the fun! Learn new recipes and enjoy a meal together. Free childcare is provided. 

FREE Community Resources and Referrals

 Options for Women offers referrals for the following services:

  • Medical assistance

  • Health care providers

  • Housing referrals

  • Financial assistance referrals

  • Domestic violence counseling

  • Substance abuse counseling

If you are in need of any of these services, please contact us today.


FREE Prenatal, Parenting & Life Skills

BrightCourse classes are one-on-one parenting courses on topics about pregnancy, preparing for baby, stages of development, first aid, finances, family issues, and more. Parents earn Baby Bucks for attending classes, which can be redeemed in the Baby Boutique. These classes are offered both in the office and online.

Baby Boutique

If you are wondering how you will meet the needs of your baby, we have a beautiful Baby Boutique.  Option for Women’s classes and Individual education both allow you to become prepared to parent, get the life skills you need to be successful, AND get everything you need for your baby at the same time.  As you participate, you will earn “Baby Bucks” to purchase baby necessities from the wide array of items in our beautiful baby boutique. The more you learn, the more you earn!